We sincerely want to HELP PEOPLE from all walks of life regardless of social status and financial position and most of all, we intend to make you a part of our family of satisfied clients

About Us


about attorney ponferradaThe major complaints of most clients with their current lawyers are lack of communication, unresponsive and slow yet expensive legal services. We are different and will strive hard to make a difference.

We shall continue to afford our clients with excellent communication, quick and quality legal services at the least possible cost. Clients will have direct access with our Attorney. We shall handle every case with utmost honesty and unmatched professionalism.

We sincerely want to HELP PEOPLE from all walks of life regardless of social status and financial position and most of all, we intend to make you a part of our family of satisfied clients.


As U.S. immigrants ourselves, we understand the challenges of immigration procedure coupled with taking up residence here in America. The uncertainties associated with an often complicated immigration process can cause anxieties that discourage clients from even going through the procedure. Often, clients are reluctant to approach attorneys because of the perceived costs that come with it. Thus, it is best to engage the services of a U.S. Immigration Attorney who is honest, friendly and compassionate enough to perfectly relate with your predicament. We have been in your situation. Trust us!

We believe in compassion, accessibility, and reliability in our legal services. Whether you reside abroad or in any of the other 49 states in the United States, we are ready to help you! Our Attorney Ponferrada (Attorney Karlo or Atty. Ponfy) was a consistent Dean’s Lister and Honors Law Graduate from a very prestigious law school and has passed the California State Bar and other bar exams abroad on his first attempt. He has been practicing law for more than 25 years. He has maintained an attitude of excellence, honesty and discipline in his personal and professional life and has endeavored to always make his family, friends and loved ones proud of him.

While most lawyers are trying too hard to impress their clients by using complicated legal terms in speech or in writing which are often confusing, Attorney Ponferrada tries to be simple and will graciously lead you through the immigration process in a way that is quick and easy to understand. He firmly believes that the most important aspect in an attorney-client relationship is communication. He has made it a policy to return all client calls within 24 hours and immediately address any client concerns. Many lawyers are uncomfortable with discussing the non-legal dimensions of a case which can pose dire consequences along the way as they often affect the legal concerns of the clients. He will make sure that you both will discuss all the important perspectives of your legal concerns in the simplest way possible. Rest assured you will come out of his office smiling and feeling way much better!

As well as U.S. Immigration Law, our Atty. Ponferrada has many years of experience in Accident or Personal Injury (car accidents, slip-and-fall and other types of accident injuries), Uncontested Divorce, and in the negotiation and preparation of all kinds of Contracts. We have several immigration clients who tried us with our other practice areas and they were all completely satisfied and have even referred more clients through the years. Whatever legal services we do for you, we will make sure you will not only be happy with us, but will be very eager to share your experience with your friends and relatives.

We will return your call or respond to your email messages within 24 hours because we value your time and appreciate your interest in our services. You will speak directly with our Attorney. Call us from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am to 6pm or fill up the form in this page. We offer special arrangements for weekend appointments. All your communications shall be kept with the strictest confidentiality. You are reading our business page for a reason and it is high time you schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.