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Contract Legal Help



contracts legal help southern california ponferrada law officesPonferrada Law Offices offers business owners, partnerships, corporations, and individual legal assistance to help with a wide range of contract disputes and other legal issues. We help you write a contract that will assure you or whatever entity you work with, will be protected through and through.

We will also help protect your interest when an employee, a vendor, a competitor or other individual or entity fails to uphold the terms of a contract—whether an employment contract, non-disclosure or non-compete agreement, or other type of contract—fast and effective legal action is required.

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We can assist our clients with many different legal issues, such as the following:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Issues and Concerns
  • Contract Breaches and Remedies
  • Contract Protection
  • Contract Drafting

Poorly written contracts are ambiguous and fail to protect a party in the event of litigation. It is thus, important that the terms and conditions of contracts be carefully worded.

The best contracts are usually prepared by attorneys who have extensive background in litigation or trial work. The reason being that contracts done by current or former litigation or trial lawyers are usually crafted in anticipation of possible litigation issues.

These contracts are instinctively prepared to protect the clients should litigation arise in the future. Other lawyers of different background are usually unable to have this mindset at the contract preparation stage as they do not know how litigation works and what type of evidence to present during the trial to prove certain provisions of the contract.

Our Atty. Ponferrada has over twelve (12) years experience as a litigation or trial attorney. He has prepared hundreds of contracts in his more than twenty-five (25) years experience as a practicing attorney. All those contracts turned out to be very protective of his clients.

Recently, one litigation case involved a contract he prepared and even the management consultant of the company praised Atty. Ponferrada’s skilfully prepared contract–the subject of litigation. The case was eventually settled with his company client ever protected all throughout even at the settlement stage.