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Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)… No more?

I. What is DACA? (DACA Defined)

What is DACA

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was introduced in 2012 to afford work permits and a reprieve from deportation to people, under specific criteria, who arrived in the United States as children.

DACA beneficiaries came to the U.S. at a very young age–so innocent and perceived by law as incapable of having that criminal or illegal intent.

They simply were brought in by a relative or friend unable to make their own calculated decisions.

Most of them have exceptional scholastic and professional achievements but because of their undocumented status, they are unable to find decent jobs and legally move forward with their lives here in America.

I am a father too and I feel for these DACA children who have grown to love the U.S. and consider it their home…not elsewhere or even from where they originally came from.


II. If DACA is still in Effect, Why not Respect it and Show Compassion?

Is DACA still in effect

It is quite alarming that even DACA recipients are not spared from the ongoing crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

If President Trump has not revoked DACA, how come we still see this unfortunate development?

I would like to believe there were lapses or honest mistakes committed by the immigration authorities.

At the very least, people who claim to be DACA beneficiaries be afforded the due process and not arbitrarily thrown out of the U.S. without further verifying the truth of their allegations.

Due process is a constitutional guarantee afforded to undocumented immigrants especially to those who are somehow protected by the DACA program.

There are divided opinions, of course, on the matter. People will look at a certain situation differently depending how the circumstances affect their personal lives. We may be more rigid and indifferent to some but not to all–especially when they are our very close relatives whose presence in America greatly benefits us in another country.

If the person concerned were your brother who helps you go to school and enjoy the basics of life, you might think differently especially so if he is a DACA recipient.

If the subject of deportation were also your mother or father who painstakingly helps feed you and your siblings back home, your mindset can alter altogether. We can only empathize what we have personally experienced in life.


Our experience changes our perspective too. In my many years as an U.S. Immigration Attorney, I have learned to be more compassionate to undocumented immigrants who are peaceful, law-abiding and work hard for their families back home.

My experience has molded me to be less blithe and more nurturing towards them even if they are not my clients. It is a harmless mindset.

It does NOT hurt me and all the more it does not hurt others too. But it is just me.

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