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US Immigration Interview: Spousal or Marriage-Based Green Card Petitions

There are multiple ways to get a Green Card but the focus of this video will be on Family-Based Petitions–particularly spousal or marriage-based Green Card Petitions.

I’ll share some 17 Practical Tips we’ve gathered over the years of our experience.

The purpose of the interview is to determine the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in the applications, petitions, and to test the credibility of the subject(s) on certain material issues which cannot be resolved on the basis only of the documents submitted by the applicants.

Watch the video:

To get the details of this tips, here’s the summary:
1. Do not be complacent
2. Study Sample Questions
3. Review the Entries on your USCIS Forms
4. Arrive Early to the Interview
5. Don’t forget to bring original supporting documents
6. Bring more Pictures in Addition to the Pictures you have initially submitted
7. Don’t forget to bring your ID and Appointment Notice
8. Don’t bring prohibited Materials
9. Dress appropriately for the interview
10. Don’t forget to wear your wedding ring and act normal
11. While waiting, only one of the spouses can go to the restroom
12. Show confidence without being boastful and arrogant
13. When Answering questions, make sure to simultaneously present documents or pictures to support your answers
14. Listen to Questions Carefully
15. Don’t Expound
16. Be Honest
17. If you have an attorney, bring him along

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