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Uncontested Divorce Legal Help Southern California

When couples marry, they usually envision a life long commitment to establish a life together. However, not all marriages end up happy and compatible that is why somewhere along the way, couples decide to dissolve their legal bond. A bitter and highly contested divorce can eventually deplete the family’s financial and property resources and cast severe and lingering emotional strain on all members of the family while the divorce case pends. While couples may be ready to initiate the divorce proceedings, they are often not ready for the possible adverse consequences. We strongly suggest to resort to Uncontested Divorce instead.

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Uncontested divorce in California is best suited for married couples who are budget-conscious and practical enough to set aside whatever strong and bitter feelings they have for each other. They are willing to set aside their pride and emotional baggage for the sake of achieving an amicable, less costly and expedited divorce proceedings. When amicable settlement is attained no one is perceived a loser but rather both parties end up winners and can then move on with their respective lives.

Uncontested Divorce

uncontested divorce legal help in southern californiaNearly 95% of all divorces in the United States qualify as an uncontested divorce. Ponferrada Law Offices has extensive knowledge in representing these couples as they file for marriage dissolution.

Uncontested divorce is when you and your spouse agree to the terms and conditions of your separation, without the court intervening in the following categories:

  • Child Support Custody and Visitation
  • Division of Assets
  • Division of Debts
  • Property Distribution
  • Spousal Support

Thus, the couples relay what they want to our office, we compose a proper, binding legal document for the court to sign off on to end the marriage without delay.

Focus on Your Best Interest

focus on your best interestAs an experienced and dedicated uncontested divorce lawyer, Karlo Ponferrada is always focused on your best interests. We will review your documents and notes (verbal or written) with you that you and your spouse have compiled.

We will ask informative questions along the way to make sure nothing is left unturned.

We understand it is an emotional time and we prioritize being compassionate listeners as we work together. Because it is a difficult time, we will do our best to make sure that no detail is overlooked due to clouded judgement.

We practice uncontested divorce with unsurpassed skill and responsibility.

We strongly believe in assuring that you and your spouse will find fair and equitable terms with our assistance. We meet your case with an open mind and never discontent.

  • Speak with an attorney who has you, your spouse and your children’s best interest in mind
  • Equitable Results
  • Ensure that all of the details are listed accurately from an independent third party standpoint
  • Detailed perspective

Our law firm is ready to assist you with your needs. We have the experience and sincerity to help you achieve your goals at the earliest and least expensive way possible.

Uncontested Divorce free consultation
Uncontested Divorce free consultation

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