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US Immigration Services

Our law firm has significant experience in handling the following US Immigration services from the simplest ones to the most complicated cases. If your case appears not listed below, please do not be disappointed. Call us and most likely we will be able to help you just the same! We are reputed to deliver very honest, quality and affordable US immigration services in all 50 States.

Most of our new clients are referrals from old satisfied clients as we have maintained that unsurpassed level of professionalism and excellent relationship with our old clients even long after their cases were successfully completed. They call us often because we offer LIFETIME FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION to old clients! That is our humble gift for trusting us with your case!

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As U.S. immigrants ourselves, we understand the challenges of immigration procedure coupled with taking up residence here in America. The uncertainties associated with an often complicated immigration process can cause anxieties that discourage clients from even going through the procedure. Often, clients are reluctant to approach attorneys because of the perceived costs that come with it. Thus, it is best to engage the services of a U.S. Immigration Attorney who is honest, friendly and compassionate enough to perfectly relate with your predicament. We have been in your situation. Trust us!

Family-Based Immigration

Family in living room on fourth of July with flags and cookies sPetitions for certain family members to receive either a green card or a non-immigrant visa so that they will be reunited in the U.S. much earlier than the immigrant route.

We have helped numerous satisfied clients process their Spousal or Marriage-based Petitions, Petitions by U.S. Citizens or Green Card Holders in favor of their relatives, U.S. Citizens Parents in favor of their married sons or daughters, Sibling Petitions, Fiance (K-1 Visa) or a Fiancee Visa, K-3/K-4 Visa based on your true relationships and many others.

Do NOT attempt to handle the case yourself. You cannot anchor your confidence that you can do it yourself simply because you were successful in the past or some friends or relatives were able to prepare their own paperwork.

Their success does not mean your success because each applicant has different personal information, immigration history and background that USCIS may rule in a different fashion.

More importantly, Immigration Law is a complex and very dynamic field that the rules a few days or months ago may not apply to you today.

Do NOT risk USCIS denial which can potentially make your case even more complicated and expensive. Save time and save money by engaging the services of an honest and experienced Immigration Attorney.


Employment-Based Immigration

Employment-Based-ImmigrationEmployment-based immigrant visas such as EB1, EB2, EB3 and EB4 (Religious Workers) are available to qualified applicants under the provisions of Immigration and National Act.

Too many people have fallen victims to unlicensed and unscrupulous individuals in this type of visa. Often, applicants feel that something is amiss.

But with the complicated immigration rules and procedure on Employment-Based Petitions, they are easily swayed to proceed by empty promises and evidence of past success stories.

Regrettably, most of the victims wind up in a more precarious situation and losing thousands of hard-earned dollars. These unbearable horror stories continue to this day. Thus, it is best to engage the services of an honest, duly licensed and experienced Immigration Attorney.


Application for Naturalization and Appeals

naturalizations-and-appealsU.S. Citizenship can be granted to Green Card Holders after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and National Act.

This is the “ultimate immigration procedure” and the USCIS will thoroughly review ALL your files and go back to your history on how you acquired your Green Card. All your so-called “secrets” will be unearthed.

Too many people think it is simple and straightforward and thus proceeded to file the applications on their own but miserably ended up having more complicated cases when USCIS discovered that they have committed crimes, failed to comply with eligibility requirements or something illegal, irregular or just plain wrong with how they obtained their Green Cards.

When that happens, your Application for Naturalization maybe denied and the USCIS will initiate a Deportation Proceeding against you at the Immigration Court. Thus, it is best to let an honest and experienced Immigration Attorney handle your case for better peace of mind and achieve the desired result.

Should you come from another lawyer who failed to help you in your case or you committed errors in handling your own application, we are also here to help you file an Appeal and Request for a Hearing with the USCIS.


Non-Immigrant Visa and other Immigration Procedures

Immigration ProceduresWe shall competently and patiently assist you in your applications for B1/B2, Student Visa, H-1B, Visa, L1 Visa, J-1 visa and waiver, R Visa, Investor’s Visa (E Visa), Violence against Women’s Act (VAWA), U Visa, DACA Extensions, Visa Extensions and many others.

There are important and complicated rules on these types of visas that only an honest and experienced immigration attorney can thoroughly assess and explain what lies ahead based on your personal circumstances and immigration goals.

We have handled a lot of these types of visas and our satisfied clients are presently in the U.S. either equipped with the same visas, changed to other types of visas, have Green Cards or are now U.S. Citizens.

Let us know your plans and we shall walk with you along the way.

If you’re looking for US Immigration Services, Ponferrada Law Offices – offers excellent, quick and quality legal service with fast communication at the least possible cost.

us immigration services free consultation
us immigration services free consultation

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